Going down the ‘read disillusioned Once blogs’ route again…

Still haven’t watched the last four episodes of the show, but WOW I probably need to stop because this is making me upset again.

Some of the reasons Neal’s death and the CS thing pisses me off


Emma and Neal saying they love each other repeatedly in the present. Why do that if nothing comes of it?

Neal in love with Emma - wanting to get back to not just his son, but her too. He would have done everything the same if he wasn’t IN LOVE with Emma because he’d be doing it for his son (and I think even if he wasn’t in love with Emma he would always still love her, want her happy and to find home). But why have him in love with her? Just for him to suffer some more before he dies?

Emma and Neal never talking through their issues. It was all short snippets of deep conversation. Neal says he didn’t have a choice in leaving her, she understands and agrees but we NEVER KNOW WHY. Why did he have to leave? What bad things would have happened? Why bring any of it up if it never got resolved?

Tamara. Why did he have a fiance but she ended up evil and he ended up still being in love with Emma? What was the point?

Why CS pisses me off? It’s not because it’s happening and it’s not my “ship.” The reason I hate it is basically because of what I stated above. There was a story going on between Emma and Neal and it CLEARLY was dropped. They set EVERYTHING up with them and dropped the ball. Completely changed their minds and didn’t tidy anything up. Just 100% dropped the ball and think his death resolves it all.

No. No it doesn’t.

His death STILL doesn’t make sense.

If Neal was alive and CS still happened I wouldn’t like it but I would accept it. Because at least Neal would still have a chance at a happy ending. With his son, with his father, with HIS family. But he gets nothing after a lifetime of bad luck and dropped storylines.

And on a sidenote: another reason I don’t like CS? Because I’ve always been against Emma having some romance with fairtytale characters. She isn’t from a story and I just never liked the idea of her being with a character from a story. Least of all main story characters. Graham would have been interesting because they took such a small character and really created their own character with Graham. He was close to being “original.”

Anyway.. just my opinion. You don’t like it? Fine. I’m not looking to defend my opinions.

I have a long, impassioned rant about why Neal’s death was the worst kind of pandering, an obvious mid-show abrupt direction change and completely against the spirit and ethos that the show was supposed to espouse, but there’s also a part of me that doesn’t care enough to write it. Everything Schmacky says here, in her characteristic plainspoken common sense, is completely true.

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This blog wears full mourning for Nealfire

Also about the preview

It’s obvious whatever horrible thing is happening to Neal in the snow scene (his heart getting stolen?), it’s happening in the Enchanted Forest. Of course, he’s also clearly with Emma in the present day (getting said stolen heart squeezed?)

Sakes alive, people, it makes no effing sense to kill him off next week.

Coming out of hiatus to heap praise on Regina’s delighted expression when she realized Rumple was still alive.

"I knew that bastard wasn’t dead.”

I always give up tumblr for Lent…which is inconvenient for this blog as Lent and Once start the same week this year.

Ah, well. I can live without the controlled chaos of the Once fandom for 40 days. See you all at Easter (when we’ll be in the home stretch of the season.)

Neal Over Baelfire?


Am I the only one who prefers adult Baelfire over young Baelfire. Don’t get me wrong I love young Bae, he was so hopeful and optimistic but I don’t feel like there was much to the character besides being a perfect child (aka being a morality pet for Rumple). Really I feel like those flashbacks were mostly for Rumple anyway. However I feel they set the stage for Neal beautifully. I think Neal is still the same except with a hard dose of reality. Neal still shows that determination, in fact he did throughout the entire Neverland arc. That optimism seems to have slowly drained out of him, but it still comes out at the darkest of times, his non-goodbye to Emma when the curse hit for example. His intentions have always been good from the bean he gave his father to the bargaining with the shadow for Darlings to leaving Emma so she could find her famliy, but his actions have always ended in disaster. I’m much more invested in seeing Neal deal with the consequences of his actions as an an adult and working through them than I am seeing him as a child. I also love that he seems to be the only one willing to realize that sometimes love is not enough when a relationship is too toxic (Snow and Regina anyone?). I find the dynamic of him both being abandoned by his father and being the one to abandon Emma fascinating, because we finally have a moral dilemma on the show that does not involve any of the parties being a murdered or abuser. Just relationships that are unhealthy right now but have the potential to be better if the issues are dealt with.  I feel like peoples perceptions of Neal have been skewed since we saw him as a child first which we haven’t for any other character. It sucks to hear so many people say they prefer “Baelfire” over “Neal” when I am so much more interested in the man he is today than the child he was. Sorry this was super unorganized, but I wanted to put my two cents in.

I personally think the jaded, cynical, very much grounded in the real world, while at the same time seamlessly able to ask his ex-girlfriend how Captain Hook ‘got a pirate ship into New York’ with a straight face is far more interesting than the kid Dylan played.

Not that I don’t like that kid. I used to be that kid. Then I lost my father when I was fourteen, and I became Neal.

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Of all the reactions to the “lol jk Rumple’s still alive” reveal, I think I’m most excited for Regina’s.

She’s probably going to be extremely pissed (but secretly relieved.) Because, you know, codependent hate-BFFs.


He is gone.

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